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I built this site to share my novels and express the joy of having worked for years teaching, and hopefully, inspiring my math and science students. That and a little about my life. 



Mary Kathleen has won awards, is being interviewed and writing another novel, and still works a "day job." Check out her reviews, appearances and podcasts. Indie Picks 2018, "Breakout Novels of 2018;" Most Anticipated Books of 2018; Recognized as a "Prime Woman;" USA Today Feature;Buzzfeed, Six Books About Family to Cherish This Spring; Culturalist, Ten Heatwarming Tales About Family; Author Stories Podcast.

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Mehuron’s attention to detail reveals a lush landscape, from the stunning architecture of her characters’ homes to the hillsides on which they ride horses, camp, and ski. The people in this novel feel imminently familiar and their struggles real.”

—Manhattan Book Review

This entertaining novel by educator and columnist Mehuron (Fading Past , 2015) is a welcome addition to the genre of women’s fiction, with protagonists not just over the age of 30, but well over 40… An enjoyable tale featuring 50-something protagonists coping with contemporary social problems.

—Kirkus Reviews