The Opposite of Never

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Life is mostly a mixed bag.

Devastated when they lose their spouses, both Kenny Simmons and Georgia Best carry on for the sake of their children, although they are certain that the best part of their lives is long over. Then Georgia and her lifelong companions, Linda and Yvonne, meet Kenny while walking down a dusty Vermont country road, and the four of them hit it off. Soon, Kenny becomes a regular part of their hiking group, and he and Georgia grow more than fond of each other.

Kenny’s stepdaughter, Zelda, and Yvonne’s teenage son, Spencer, also fall in love—at first sight. Through surprisingly relatable circumstances, they are drawn into opiate use, shocking everyone, and the two of them struggle through the torment of addiction together.

In an impulsive and daring attempt to create a grand finale out of difficult times, Kenny takes Georgia off to vacation in Cuba just as it is opening up to Americans—and what they discover in the golden light of Old Havana is another startling surprise.

The characters are identifiable, sympathetic, vivid and clear even in their human damage and wonderful redemption.  Mehuron pens a memorable story of friendship, love, romance, and... life."

— Marley Gibson, best selling author of adult contemporary romance fiction including her Glamorous Life series.

She has many writerly gifts, but her talent for crafting compelling characters of both genders and different generations is especially evident in this emotionally powerful narrative."

—James M. Tabor, bestselling author of Blind Descent and the Hallie Leland series includingThe Deep Zone 

"The Opposite of Never is a lovely story about loss, love, redemption, the power of female friendship and one of the most important emotions needed to become whole again–forgiveness." 

—Kris Radish

Bestselling Author of A Dangerous Woman From Nowhere

Mary Kathleen Mehuron uses stunning New England scenery as a backdrop for intertwined families struggling with grief, love, jealousy and addiction as they attempt to rebuild their lives. If you like skinny dipping in a moonlit Vermont pond and reignited passions, you’ll love The Opposite of Never.

—Phyllis Piano, Award-winning author of Love Reconsidered and Hostile Takeover: A Love Story


Fading Past

“Spanning fifty years, Fading Past is by turns funny, poignant, and heart-rending—a tale of two centuries as eloquent as it is finely wrought.”

—Best selling author James M. Tabor author of The Deep Zone and Forever on the Mountain.

As America exploded into the swinging sixties, nine-year-old Mary Patricia's parents fled their old melting pot neighborhood to join the upwardly mobile members of the cocktail generation. Abandoned at seventeen when her family moves yet again, Mary Patricia is left to ride out a tsunami of struggle, including lying about her age in order to land a job working for the Chicago Mafia.  Gut instinct tells her that she is in imminent danger and she escapes, to the counterculture of Southern California in the early 1970s and then a jubilant Bicentennial Manhattan. Her tenacious pursuit of a college degree takes her north to Vermont, where she hopes for a stable life when she marries and has three sons. It’s a Pyrrhic victory as she confronts a string of calamities, including divorce, catastrophic illness and her parents' deaths after 9/11. Rising from the ashes, she and her husband reunite and Mary Patricia finally gets what she so richly deserves: The time of her life.

Mary Kathleen Mehuron’s honest, memoir-like novel, Fading Past, tells the epic story of Mary Patricia Toohey, whose story bridges a half century of American history.  It’s a clear-eyed yet kind-hearted examination of friendship, family ties, marriage, and courage, by a serious and thoughtful writer who knows whereof she speaks.”

—Howard Frank Mosher, award winning and best selling author of A Stranger in the Kingdom and Where the Rivers Flow North.

"Mehuron's debut contains all of the elements that readers' of women's fiction look for: family entanglements, loves gained and lost, the search to recapture youth, and the rewards and forfeits of friendship."

—Nanci Milone-Hill author of Reading Women: A Book Club Guide for Women’s Fiction.

I couldn’t put it down. I read for hours, and when I finished, I wandered around for a while, still living with Mary Patricia and her family. . . so well written and a truly interesting story.

—Reeve Lindbergh author of Under a Wing and Forward From Here: Leaving Middle Age and Other Unexpected Adventures.


The Mehuron family came to the United States in 1690 and married into the first Pilgrim family to birth a baby in the new country. That is why they are included on the Mayflower Roll. Thus began their history rich in Americana: The Revolutionary War, Settling the State of Vermont, The Civil War, and The Great Depression. Mere months before the Japanese Navy attacked the United States Navy at Pearl Harbor, Elmer and Aurelia Mehuron opened the doors of their iconic market. Seventy-five years later the family that has continuously run that business has plenty of stories to tell. 

Available at Mehuron’s Market in Waitsfield and by contacting the author.